Lisa Huang Studio

Lisa Huang is a French and Chinese typeface designer specializing in Latin and Hanzi scripts currently based in Nantes, France.

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2018 - WIP

Cozzy is a sans serif typeface family that started as a graduation project (formerly named “Model”) for TypeMedia Master in Typeface Design.

The principal objective was to shuffle between personality and legibility while keeping consistency across the various weights and styles of a large typeface family.

Today, Cozzy finds a balance in all of these design intentions, somewhere between quite wide proportions, curved diagonals, and rounded shapes giving an unusual but comfy, laid-back impression for a cozy reading experience and simplified structures, subtle contrast, discreet ink traps and a large eye for high legibility.

This is an in-progress project. Additions of weights (from Hairline to Black) and widths (from Condensed to Extended) are on the way!

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about it, or stay tuned for more news.

Cozzy complete family map
Cozzy specimen with words in uppercase.
Text sample set in Cozzy Thin.
Text sample set in Cozzy Light.
Text sample set in Cozzy Regular.
Text sample set in Cozzy Bold.
Text sample set in Cozzy ExtraBold.
1/0Cozzy Thin
Text sample set in Cozzy in multiple weights and additions of various symbols.
Cozzy complete character set.