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Lisa Huang is a French and Chinese typeface designer specializing in Latin and Hanzi scripts currently based in Nantes, France.

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Organic Petals & Wood, Woods, Forest


Typojanchi is an international Typography Biennale in Seoul, South Korea. The 2019 edition, called “Typography and Objects”, was directed by the artists collective Jin Dallae and Park Woohyuk.

About the exhibition:

Typojanchi 2019, Typography and Objects is about some ways of gathering letters and objects.
This is about typography which involves objects, letters that adopt the forms of objects, one object and typography, diverse stories on objects and typography, the object which is related to typography, and the common point between objects and typography endlessly circulates without a start or end.

Typojanchi 2019, Typography and Object consists of six subcategories: Kaleidoscopes, Polyhedrons, Clocks, Corners, Sundries, and Plants. The six titles, which seem difficult to relate to each other, refer to the names of things that symbolize the way typography meets the objects.
— Typojanchi 2019.

Plants: The objects of circulation, the typography of circulation

Section curated by Minjoo Ham and Eunyou Noh.

Part 1. Type Forest
Organic Petals

花瓣” are two Chinese characters which literal meaning is respectively “flower” and “petal”.

They are designed here as shapes of multiple petals, brought into an analog and physical form, conversing with its digital alter ego Wood, Woods, Forest from the Variable Type Show section of Typojanchi exhibition.

Part 2. Variable Type Show
Wood, Woods, Forest

Wood, Woods, Forest is the burgeoning stage of an in-progress project.

It takes the structure and idea of characters created by humans to communicate with each other and combines itself with shapes and variations inspired by the plant world.

Together with Variable Font technology, the characters are brought to life, moving and changing like plants and trees through the seasons.

木 [mù] = wood, 林 [lín] = woods, 森 [sēn]

Exhibition pictures credits: Park Yoo Sun (박유선).