Lisa Huang Studio

Lisa Huang is a French and Chinese typeface designer specializing in Latin and Hanzi scripts currently based in Nantes, France.

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Loris Olivier

Superheat is a sans serif family for display usage, with wide proportions that started with inspiration from humanistic sans and ended up with ever more dynamics and sporty vibes. Nonetheless, it is a balanced mix between the conventions of typeface design and the creativity of mixing the particularities of two writing systems that are different in every way: Latin and Hanzi.

The vertical endings of every curved stroke bring that energetic and lively feel to both Latin and Hanzi characters. The smooth curves add a balanced touch with the wide proportions.

Superheat has been designed in collaboration with Loris Olivier from lo-ol Type, where the Latin character set is available. The Chinese set is in progress.

Superheat complete family
Superheat specimen with words in uppercase.
Superheat specimen with words mixed with Chinese characters.
Superheat alternate glyphs
Superheat Chinese characters
Superheat Chinese characters
Superheat compelte Latin glyphset